Get Hard – Will Ferrell prepares for prison

shawshank paul project

OK, this is not an endorsement of this movie (I actually don’t agree with the language in the trailer), but I did find it interesting that the movie is coming out early next year just as the Paul Project is ramping up. I’m curious to see how the film depicts preparing for prison. From the trailer, it will be a mix of stereotypes and exaggerations, but we’ll see. From my experience, prison is nothing like it is portrayed in the movies or on TV. Whether it is Shawshank Redemption of Prison Break, most of the information is exaggerated or sensationalized. Now don’t get me wrong, there is violence and danger in prison,  but if you avoid getting involved in gambling, drugs, alcohol, stealing and sexual activity you will likely make it out unscathed. So don’t let movies like Get Hard be your guide in preparing for prison