Journal Entry – FCC Petersburg – 7/1/13

wreath(This post was written during my second summer at FCC Petersburg. There is no A/C at this prison, so it is extremely hot. But as you can tell by this post, there are some things more important than air conditioning.)

Summer is starting to kick in. We have 4 fans in our room and that helps. The loss of 60 pounds also makes it more bearable!! I just pray and thank God for all He gives me. I wouldn’t trade being here for the A/C at Elkton any day. We’re able to have nightly Bible study here, share our faith and be around a handful of Christian brothers!! What a blessing!

John S.’s dad is very sick. Hospice is with him and he is only expected to live another day. I’ve been praying with John and for his family. I’ve asked God for the ability to help him. Also makes me so grateful for the good health of my parents. John is doing better and he seems to be surrendering his father and his will to God. I am saddened by his loss and also joyful that his father is saved and will be joining Christ in heaven.

Note: John’s dad passed away the next day.

(I saw many men lose loved ones while they were in prison. Men lost parents, wives, brothers, sisters and children. It is probably one of the toughest times. As you prepare to enter prison, keep in mind that this is a possibility and prepare for it emotionally, financially and spiritually.)

Inmate at Pekin Federal Prison Dies

wreathI ran across this article (click here for full article) from the Peoria Journal Star about a man who died in the Pekin Federal Prison. So far, it appears it was from natural causes. Sadly, in the five years I spent in prison I saw a handful of people die from both natural and unnatural causes, everything from heart attack to suicide to homicide. These were always sad occasions as most of the time the men were unable to speak to their families before passing and usually died without any support. While not an everyday occurrence, these times were a reminder of just how fragile and temporary our lives really are. These times are also tough on our families for when they find out about them they worry we might be next and they have no ability to help us. It is best to be honest about these, and to encourage them to pray and to focus on the opportunities we have to connect.