Madoff Corners the Hot Chocolate Market

madoff cocoaYes, it’s true, you can use Wall Street principles to hustle a living in prison. Bernie Madoff seems to be a prime example of this according to this article –

While I don’t recommend this strategy as it will draw a lot of attention and derision toward you, it is one example of how inmates can take their situation and try to turn it into an opportunity. A lot of guys, including me, had a hustle in prison. For me, it was ironing guys uniforms. I would charge about $6-8/month to iron a guy’s uniforms up to 4 times. It was a fairly low-key hustle that didn’t require me to break any major rules and didn’t cost me a anything to maintain as the iron was provided by the prison. So I could make $30 or so a month to help me pay for my phone calls and commissary while helping guys to look a little neater. Plus, this helped fill my time in a productive way.

So if you have to choose a hustle, I wouldn’t suggest following Bernie’s path that is exploitative and could cause some guys to get want to strike out at you, I do suggest exploring opportunities that will help you make a little money and help others along the way.

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