Prison Images

Prison Images

Images from the various facilities we visited

[img src=]4050Me, my wife and pastor at FCC Petersburg
[img src=]3720Me and my parents at FCC Petersburg
[img src=]3220Pitt County Detention Center
I spent my first three months in segregation in Pitt County. This is where I truly committed to make the most of my time in prison.
[img src=]3190"Con Air" Marshall
I was transported by Con Air a total of 4 times. It is a tough and long day. We were shackled around our waist and our ankles for as long as 24 hours.
[img src=]4470Con Air
Once we landed we would either get on a bus for a ride to the next facility, or in the case of OKC, we would deplane right into the facility
[img src=]3370Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center
I spent just a couple of weeks here on my way to Petersburg, Va. Insteresting facility as you unload right off the plane into the center.
[img src=]2980Federal Correctional Institute - Elkton
We spent three long years, including some very cold winters in Elkton. It is a disciplinary low and run more like a medium.
[img src=]3500Con Air
Another shot of what if basically looks like to board the con air polane
[img src=]4360Shackles
This is how we were shackled for any transport outside of prison
[img src=]3210Atlanta Federal holdover
By far the most challenging 2 weeks I spent in prison. A very old facility, you're locked down 23 hours a day and in addition to your cellie, you have to share your cell with the extremely large roaches and rodents.
[img src=]3030Federal Correctional Complex - Petersburg
We spent two years at Petersburg where David took part in the Life Connections faith-based program. Other than the fact that there was no air conditioning, it was a step up from Elkton.

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