Moving Hearts


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I wanted to add a piece on what we’ve been doing the last few months. While we don’t do the Paul Project full time, we do try to be available for people when they need us. Most recently, we’ve been working with a young man who is facing 15+ years in prison for distribution of child pornography. He accepts responsibility for his crime and understands that he will definitely be doing time. My heart breaks for him and his family as they face this reality. It also breaks for the children who were victimized and exploited to produce the porography that was collected, viewed and shared.

So the question begging to be asked is, does this young man “deserve” the mandatory minimum of 15+ years, or based on his acceptance, repentance and contrition, does he merit mercy? I know most folks will say, “throw the book at him!” But I would argue that it is better for him, society and the community to reduce his sentence.

1. He has accepted full responsibility and is participating in counseling to address the issues that led to his porn addiction and interest in child pornography.

2. He passed a polygraph test that included questions about any hands on offenses.

3. He has a strong support and accountability system that includes his parents, family, friends, pastors, counselors and others invested in his recovery.

4.  In addition to his time, he will be on the sex offender registry for at least 10 years and will likely have 10 years or more of supervision that includes semi-annual polygraph tests.

I hope you’ll pray for this young man, also named David, his family and the children who were exploited through the¬†images that were involved