“The Wire” gangster dies in Federal Prison

It is always sad for me to see someone pass away in prison because it is likely they went without any family or friends nearby. Reading about Nathan Barksdale’s death reminded me of this reality. I knew of a number of men who never left prison alive and each one never got to see their family one last time. That’s one of the sad realities of being in prison.

That said, though, those men who knew Christ, were never alone and seemed to be at peace as they faced the end of their life. I pray that for those of you who are entering prison and don’t have a relationship with Christ that you truly take the time to at least find out what that means and how you can get there. It will provide a level of peace for you and your family as you enter the unknown world of prison.


Prison Gardens Cultivate Seeds of Change

This article from the Christian Post¬†reports on a resurgence of prison gardens. I always thought this would be a great idea and never understood why there weren’t classes around subject like aquaculture and horticulture where inmates could learn valuable skills that could be translated into a career upon release. Plus, growing food could be a way to cut costs and create¬†healthier meals. I would have loved getting outside and working in the soil for a little while.

Prisons need to offer many more opportunities for inmates to learn a viable skill or trade. I did see some opportunities around welding, brick masonry, HVAC and cooking, but they could only accommodate a very small number of the guys who wanted to participate. These courses need to be expanded and there should be some incentive for inmates to take part.


Prison Bookies Love the Superbowl

Super_Bowl_logo.svgIt’s time for another Super Bowl. And yes, just like on the street, there are bookies in prison. This article shows a little bit of how things work, but it doesn’t talk about the dangers of gambling in prison. When people ask me about how I managed to get through five years of prison without any major physical altercations I tell them that 1. God protected me and 2. that I didn’t engage in any of the behaviors that tend to attract violence. There are a number of activities that put you at risk. I tell guys to avoid things like sexual activity, controlling the television, loaning and borrowing money and especially gambling. Next to television, the most violence I saw in prison was related to gambling. Whether it was playing cards for mackerals, or betting on sports via the ubiquitous weekly tickets put about many different bookies, inevitably there would be altercations around each week’s results.

So if you’re entering prison and thinking it may be fun to bet on a few games, I encourage you to think twice. It is definitely not worth it. Not only is it dangerous, but if you’re caught it could also result in an infraction, time in the hole, loss of privileges and worse.