Preparing for Prison

content3The Paul Project is a prison preparation ministry founded by David Chatham that encourages and equips individuals and their loved ones facing the prison experience to help them not just survive, but to use the prison time to improve in body, mind and spirit. We offer experience, strength and hope through personal accounts, instruction and counsel from men and women who have lived through the challenges associated with imprisonment for both those inside and those on the outside. Ultimately, we help you prepare for prison so that you can come out a better person, not a better criminal.

There is Hope

The knock on the door. The badges and guns. The lawyers. The questions. The uncertainty. The fear. The unknown. If you or a family member are facing prison you are likely experiencing all of this. The Paul Project is here to give you hope, that just as the Apostle Paul was able to accomplish much during his prison sentences, you too can use your time for a higher purpose. For help contact us at

The Paul Project Offers:

First-hand experience from former prisoners and spouses

Detailed presentations on all aspects of the prison experience including safety, faith, health, education and family relations

One-on-one consultation time with Paul Project founder David Chatham

Phone and email access to consultants and counselors

Access to pastoral counseling via Barnabas Ministries of the Triangle

Community resources available to the prisoner and loved ones

Encouragement and hope that this is not the end, but a chance at a new beginning


You can help us help individuals and their loved ones prepare for the prison experience. Your donations are appreciated and do make a difference.

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